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Fleet MANAGEMENT™ Program

Our tailored Fleet Management™ Program (FMP™)  is a flexible and high-value maintenance planning solution that helps lock in lower operating costs and simplifies fleet operations management. 

Fleet Management™ Program

Tailored to suit the unique requirements of fleet operators and airlines, our FMP™ allows you to focus on your core business and eliminates the overhead and logistical challenges of operating a maintenance facility. 

When you are covered by our Fleet Management™ Program an expert engine-OEM team is appointed to support your specific maintenance operations needs.

Customized to your unique fleet environment, our FMP™ can include:

Basic Engine Coverage

  • Major engine refurbishment/overhaul

  • Hot Section Inspection

  • Basic unscheduled engine removals

  • Engine diagnostics/ECTM® analysis 

Additional Services Available

  • Fuel nozzle refurbishments

  • Rental Engine support

  • Accessory BUR (repair or exchange)

  • Life limited parts replacement


This customized, "pay-by-the-hour" support plan includes:

  • Maintenance cost stability and protection

  • Selection of the plan coverage period

  • Selection from a menu of services

  • Guaranteed cost through pay-by-the-hour

  • Self-invoicing at month-end

  • $ Power Charge = Fleet's monthly Engine Flight Hour (EFH) x $ EFH rate

  • Warranty/campaign advantages passed on through the Terms Cost Plan rate.

Customers pay a guaranteed hourly fee, ($/EFH) on a monthly basis that is tailored to their requirements.

The Terms Cost Plan rate is based on:

  • Operating environment

  • Mission profile

  • Maintenance program, such as Time Between Overhaul (TBO) and Hot Section Inspection (HSI) intervals

  • Engine model

  • Number of engines/spares

  • Times and cycles accumulated on engines

  • Selected support services

  • Maintenance and logistic activities covered by the agreed scope

  • Length of plan


This is a pay-at-the-event Fleet Management™ Program maintenance plan that allows you to pay an amount equal to a predetermined hourly rate at each maintenance visit for the coverage selected:

Event Cost Plan™ (ECP®) highlights:

  • Rates reflects total costs over overhaul cycle(s)

  • Reserves are held per engine

  • Flexible entry and exit positions – suitable for dynamic/changing fleets

  • Provisions for future maintenance requirements

  • Engine operating hours are calculated starting from the engine operating hours since new or last event of the engine.

  • Low-cycle fatigue (LCF) payable at the time of event as an over and above

  • Some optional coverage payable monthly


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