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  • Are You the Operator of a New P&WC-Powered Aircraft?

    Receive a complimentary two-year subscription to our online maintenance collection.

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    If you are an operator of a new P&WC-powered aircraft or APU, register in our portal to receive a complimentary two-year subscription including:

    • Your engine maintenance manual
    • Illustrated engine parts catalog
    • Engine service bulletins, spare parts bulletins and service information letters
    • The SpotLlight® online diagnostic tool (available online for PT6E, PW100, PW200, PW210A, PW300 and PW800 engine models)
    • Ground-based software for engine diagnostics, prognostics and health management (available for selected models)
    • Online technical publication revision services (from date of new aircraft delivery)
  • Ready to Get Started With a P&WC Technical Publications Subscription? 

    Follow these steps to access technical publications for all operators.

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    1. Register or Login to the MyP&WC Power customer portal and complete the Technical Data Agreement and Publication Registration Certificate (send completed forms to

    2. Once registered and the forms completed, verify that you have access to your publications by clicking on “Library” and “View by Publications”.

    3. Get started with our guides.
  • SpotLight® Digital Diagnostic Tool for Troubleshooting

    Included with your technical publication subscriptions for PT6E, PW100, PW200, PW210A, PW300 and PW800 engine models.

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    SpotLight® is a digital tool that enhances and accompanies the engine maintenance manual (EMM) to enable troubleshooting and support maintenance providers in resolving an issue.

    This interactive online system optimized for tablets and PCs helps engine technicians resolve issues through a step-by-step guided diagnosis. It is backed by a knowledge base of data from fault-isolation charts and technical intelligence acquired through years of service in the field.
  • Multilingual Engine Maintenance Manuals Now Available

     Available in Portuguese, Mandarin and Spanish.

    For PT6A-34AG, PT6A-114 and PT6A-140 engines.

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    As part of our ongoing effort to tailor services to customers, we recently launched bilingual engine maintenance manuals (EMMs) for PT6A-34AG, PT6A-114 and PT6A-140 engines in Portuguese, Mandarin and Spanish.

    For only $750 USD* per year, your engine maintenance experts and other users will:
    • Have access to P&WC expert-translated EMMs in Mandarin, Portuguese or Spanish
    • Be able to view the EMM online or download an up-to-date offline version for use in the shop when no internet access is available
    • View the translated versions side-by-side in a single-page, easy-to-view layout – ensuring accuracy, consistency and reflecting the latest technical updates

    *Requires an existing English-language subscription to P&WC’s Engine Maintenance Manual collection. The subscription price of $750 USD is based on a single engine maintenance manual subscription and will be pro-rated based on remaining subscription time. Technical updates to translated versions will follow English release.

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